3 Reasons Why Outsourced IT Makes Sense for SMBs

There’s a shortage in the IT skills market. Yet, businesses now have more opportunity than ever to make up for this shortage. A simple solution is to outsource your IT services to a managed service provider. You might find that it’s a great way to save time and revenue on a department that’s becoming increasingly difficult to hire for. Here are three reasons why outsourced IT services can resolve the shortage of IT talent.

Qualified, Trained Professionals

When you’re looking for someone to lead your IT department, you want someone who has both the technological know-how and the skills to ensure they can provide a return-on-investment for your business. This often means that you want someone who has been around the block a time or two–someone who has plenty of experience, perhaps even certifications, and can offer ways to improve your IT management strategies. You don’t want to hire some hack to take care of your mission-critical technology. Also, some regions are landlocked in terms of talent available, and you may feel the need to give someone who is perhaps unqualified for the position the benefit of the doubt.

Instead, you can outsource the responsibility of an IT department to a managed service provider. Since most problems can be resolved remotely, you don’t necessarily need an on-site IT department, and you can instead invest in a relationship with a tried-and-true provider like CRS Networks.

Fewer Salaries to Pay

If you were to hire an internal IT department, you would have to add several salaries to your payroll and budget–not necessarily a cost that a small business can easily absorb. Of course, you could also have your employees be responsible for the upkeep of their technology, but this isn’t advisable, as they won’t have the formal or hands-on training required to prevent major catastrophe.

To resolve this issue, outsourced IT takes your IT expenses and consolidates them into a month-by-month service agreement, in which you only pay the specified amount for services rendered. This frees up the funds that you would use on a salary for more variable use on other aspects of your business.

Less Time Wasted on IT Troubles

A major cause for concern when dealing with IT troubles is that a ton of time and resources goes into resolving them. If you don’t have an internal IT department, this means that your office could be thrown into chaos by an unexpected IT complication. Even if your team is responsible for ensuring that your IT is managed properly, they could waste all sorts of time and resources on it, when they should instead be focused on their jobs–which certainly shouldn’t consist of managing your technology solutions.

Outsourcing eliminates the frustration that you’d undoubtedly feel if your organization were to manage its own technology. By having others handle your solutions, your team saves time that is better spent on other initiatives. These initiatives should be aimed at improving your organization’s operations and bringing new, exciting projects to the table.

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