Today’s internet requires a high degree of security that can be overwhelming to smaller businesses. We provide security assessments and implementation plans that IT teams can utilize to ensure their business stays secure and compliant. 

Need assistance in keeping up with the ongoing issues of security that require daily attention? Password and UserID flushes, penetration scans, updates, patches? Let CRS provide your business with a low cost managed security solution.

Phishing, Malware, Hacking, Ransomware are all concerns for small and mediu, sized clients that are targeted daily. 

As we leverage additional remote work, most clients do not have time to go to full lengths of due diligence on their cloud applications  and the risks single sign on may present. 

It pays to be sure – let CRS assist you to have a fuller understanding of risks and maintenance to ensure your company’s security on an ongoing basis.

CRS Networks is dedicated to working with you to plan and coordinate your security policies to ensure that your focus remains on your business without having to worry about the many security issues that can affect businesses in today’s world.

CRS Networks will customize a security solution that fits your needs and budget to ensure networks, devices, and environments are safe and secure from unwanted intrusion.

To obtain more information on any of our security products, please contact us at sales@CRSNetworks